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Evidence – The Green Tape Instrumentals

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Evidence – The Green Tape Instrumentals


It‘s proud to announce the long awaited Green Tape Instrumentals , the fourth in a monumental series of instrumental productions from Los Angeles MC/producer, Evidence. Best known for his vocal prowess as one third of the ground-breaking trio Dilated Peoples and acclaimed solo debut The Weatherman , his diverse output includes releases and collaborations with The Beastie Boys, Kanye West, will.i.am, The Alchemist, DJ Babu, Fashawn, The Alchemist and Aceyalone amongst many more. This release is a continuation of a project Evidence has been exploring since 2004 with Yellow Tape Instrumentals , Purple Tape Instrumentals and the 2008 Decon release Red Tape Instrumentals . Set for release on June 25, Green Tape nstrumentals features 20 cuts of the finest instrumental hip-hop you ll find and is sure to inspire a new generation of switched on heads. Let s get it straight; what we re talking about is plain and simple: carefully refined tracks with crisp solid beats, shaped into a sensational full-length audio experience like no other.

01. Self Taught (2:39)
02. Killer Bees (2:08)
03. Run It Back (1:40)
04. Waste Of Time (2:22)
05. Roc Germany (2:06)
06. West Coasting (1:24)
07. F Train (2:24)
08. 3 Murals (2:30)
09. First Light (1:28)
10. Braille (1:33)
11. Break! (1:09)
12. India (1:54)
13. His Country (1:20)
14. Before Tour (2:35)
15. Scrolling (1:47)
16. Synth Moments (2:40)
17. Good Evening (1:36)
18. Mariachi (1:43)
19. Bong (1:15)
20. Scary Clown Music (1:09)

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