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Evolve One – Dear Seattle

Rhythm 旋律

Evolve One – Dear Seattle

Life is evolution, music is a part of life, that is why I’m go by Evolve (One)
Evolve One came up during a simpler era. SP1200s and MPC60s. Soul, Jazz, Rock inspired samples. Low End Theory. As long as there was that tick tick followed by that bump. My how the times have changed.
Born in Harvey, Il (about 30 mins south of downtown Chicago). Evolve One grew up around Gangster Disciples and Latin Kings, but tried my hardest to stay clean. His first introduction to hip hop was by a fellow classmate when lent his “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick”. Evolve One was mesmerized by the word play and the way the beat made soul feel. From that moment on Evolve One was addicted.
Evolve One later moved to a small city about an hour north of Memphis, TN (Dyersburg). It was here that would begin my first musical dwellings at the age of 15. Evolve One tried my hand in rhyme saying, but ultimately found my niche in the beat production side of hip hop. Borrowing a friends 4-Track and looping up some of my Dad’s old records was instantly hooked. Another high school friend taught me the basics of using what was then simply called Fruity Loops. Using this program I started understanding workflow a little better, but as the responsibilities of becoming a man became more and more inevitable, the beat making started to slack off.
In 2001, 5 days before 9/11, Evolve One was relocated to San Diego, CA by way of the United States Marine Corps, by way of the Navy. It was around 2005 when Evolve One realized that needed to increase my creative output so Evolve One purchased a Roland SP505 to use along with FL Studio.
In 2010 Evolve One future wife and he made the move up to Oakland (East Oakland to be exact). It was here that Evolve One decided needed to experiment more with my sound and purchased NI Maschine. This product has helped increase my workflow at least 10 fold. Evolve One usually say that it’s not the tools you use but how you use them, but in certain cases you can really tell how much a product has an influence on your sound (see also Pete Rock and the SP1200)
Which brings me to the current time. Seattle is the place now call home. Evolve One find myself surrounded by some truly inspiring artists (and landscapes) which help increase my creativity. Evolve One look forward to what the future holds.

01. Welcome to the Town
02. Cascadia
03. 12th and Jackson
04. West Seattle Bridge Jumper
05. Boren and Yesler
06. Snoqualmie Sasquatch
07. C.Hill
08. Sound of the Sound
09. Pioneer Square Junky
10. Fuck an Umbrella
11. South End
12. Beacon Hill
13. 45th Smoothness
14. Bell Town
15. 99 Northbound

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