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曲目列表 Track List:A-Park – Recipe
Alan Walker – Different World
Albee Al – Secret Lovers (Prod. By Semaj da Dj)
Amaru Cloud Ft. Flipp Dinero – Reup (Prod. By Clay)
Amaru Cloud Ft. Jay Critch – Notice It (Prod. By Shyheem)
Bebe Rexha – Don’t Get Any Closer (Prod. By Jussifer)
Bebe Rexha – Knees (Prod. By David Garcia)
Bebe Rexha – Self Control (Prod. By Andrew Wells)
Bebe Rexha – Shining Star (Prod. By Triangle Park)
CB x iZZYMONEYiZZZ – Deebo (Prod. By ThisShitGoRacimo)
Chance The Rapper – My Own Thing (Prod. By Stix)
Diego Money – No Deal (Prod. By AltoSGP)
Diego Money – Salty (Prod. By AltoSGP)
Diego Money – Wockhardt (Prod. By AltoSGP)
E-40 – Hope I Don’t Go Back (Prod. By Ant Banks)
Eminem – You Dont Know (Prod. By Luis Resto & Eminem)
Future & Big G Nutt – Rap Hustlin
Future – Crushed Up
G Herbo – My Baby
GlokkNine – Dodgers NoRedSox (Prod. By TinyOnnaTrack)
GlokkNine – Draco (Prod. By Danny Draco)
GlokkNine – Jupiter (Prod. By Arcaze)
Gotcha – 1312 Payback (Prod. By Fifty Vinc & Emdes 1)
Imagine Dragons – Cool Out (Prod. By Mattman)
Imagine Dragons – Zero (Prod. By John Hill)
J.E.T.S – Play
Jay-Z – Who You Wit (Prod. By Ski Beatz)
Kid Ink – Yuso (Prod. By D.A. Doman)
Lil Pump – Butterfly Doors (Prod. By CBMIX)
Lil Uzi Vert – 7AM (Prod. By DP Beats)
Little Mix – Nobody Like You (Prod. By Joe Kearns)
Little Mix – Private Show (Prod. By Joe Kearns & Freedo)
Little Mix – Your Love (Prod. By Maegan Cottone & JMIKE)
Marley Marl – The Bridge 2000 (Prod. By Marley Marl)
Meek Mill – Going Bad (Prod. By Wheezy)
Meek Mill – Millidelphia (Prod. By Pliznaya)
Method Man – Zodiac Killah (Prod. By DJ Nu-Mark)
Mozzy – Bass Rock (Prod. By Jay P Bangz)
N.O.R.E. – Bendicion (Prod. By SPK & Haz)
Nas – Black Republicans (Prod. By Wyldfyer & L.E.S.)
OBN Jay – HeartBroken (Prod. By Treyo Beats)
OBN Jay – Vision Blurry (Prod. By Vintage Rippah)
P-Rock – Drip
Playboi Carti – Flatbed Freestyle
Playboi Carti – Switch It Up (Prod. By MexikoDro)
Post Malone – Wow (Prod. By Louis Bell & Frank Dukes)
Prodigy – Young Veterans (Prod. By The Alchemist)
Quin NFN – Straight Thru (Prod. By Jensen)
Quin NFN – Talkin My Shit (Prod. By KHI)
Rich The Kid – Chickens (Prod. By Cashout Beatz)
Rich The Kid – Splashin
Rich The Kid, Playboi Carti & Famous Dex – Str8 Up
Soulja Boy – Its A Movie (Prod. By Avery On The Beat)
Soulja Boy – Jumped Out The Phantom (Prod. By KingloBeats)
Soulja Boy – Kiss Me Thru The Phone (Prod. By Mr. Collipark)
Soulja Boy – Off White (Prod. By Nat The Genius)
Soulja Boy – Overseas Drip (Prod. By KingloBeats & King Prez)
Soulja Boy – Richard Mille (Prod. By Kinglo Beats & MPC Cartel)
Soulja Boy – Run Up A Bag (Prod. By CpainBeatz)
Soulja Boy – Talk Like Me (Prod. By Avery On The Beat)
Speaker Knockerz – Couple Mill (Prod. By Speaker Knockerz)
Speaker Knockerz – Pole Pro (Prod. By JustInTime)
Splash Daddy – Fishing On My DS (Prod. By RiCh LoSeR)
Splash Daddy – Wii Tennis (Prod. By okthxbb)
T-Pain – I’m Sprung (Prod. By T-Pain)
TaySav – FN Under Dat Hoodie (Prod. By CjTheKid)
TaySav – The Lake Show (Prod. By CjTheKid)
Tec – Fake Friends (Prod. By J-aTRACKtive)
Tec – On Watch (Prod. By Johnnywavve)
ThouxanbanFauni – El Chapo (Prod. By BigHead & Gnealz)
ThouxanbanFauni – Fable (Prod. By JeffGordon & KasimGotJuice)
ThouxanbanFauni – Hot Wheels (Prod. By DjYoungKash)
ThouxanbanFauni – Tragic (Prod. By MilanMakesBeats)
Tove Lo – shedontknowbutsheknows (Prod. By The Struts)
Tove Lo – stranger (Prod. By Ali Payami)
UnoTheActivist – Anymore (Prod. By Krookz & DjFlippp)
UnoTheActivist – Im In Her Mouth (Prod. By Corey Lingo)
UnoTheActivist – Trap Tears (Prod. By Corey Lingo)
UnoTheActivist – Ya Dig (Prod. By Corey Lingo)
Warhol.ss – G-Day Freestyle II (Prod. By BRENTRAMBO)
Warhol.ss – Talk My Shit (Prod. By BRENTR4MBO)
Westside Connection – Bow Down (Prod. By Bud’da)
Y&R Mookey – Murder Rate (Prod. By Sniper Jay)
YBN Cordae – Kung Fu (Prod. By Take A DayTrip)
YNW Melly – Versatile (Prod. By Shawn Beats)
YNW Melly x Kanye West – Mixed Personality (Prod. By C-ClipBeatz)
Youngboy Never Broke Again – Beam Effect (Prod. By Dubba-AA)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Big Talk (Prod. By Vintage Rippah)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Blasian (Prod. By NeilOnDaTrack)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Dope Lamp (Prod. By NeilOnDaTrack)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Hypnotized (Prod. By NeilOnDaTrack)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Kick Yo Door (Prod. By Dubba-AA)
Youngboy Never Broke Again – Play Wit Us (Prod. By Vintage Rippah)
Youngboy Never Broke Again – Valuable Pain (Prod. By CashFlowBeatz)
Yung Bans – I Love It (Prod. By CaptainCrunch & Jay$plash)
Yung Bans – Sauce Like The Drip (Prod. By CaptainCrunch)
Yung Bans x Christian Rose – Alexander Mcqueen
Yungeen Ace – Dont Know Why (Prod. By TnTXD)
Yungeen Ace – How To Love (Prod. By TNTXD & Yung Tago)
ZillaKami & SosMula – SkateWitch (Prod. By THRAXX)

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