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  • 6月 17 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah – Razah’s Ladder Instrumentals 2007


“Our father Jacob is having a dream,“ Hell Razah recounts at the outset of the excellent Razah’s Ladder. “And in this dream he sees a ladder that’s set up on the earth, and the top of it reaches into the heaven. He say he can hail the angels of Yahweh, ascending and descending on this ladder, and when he look to the top of it, he saw the creator of the universe: Yahweh. He who is, he who was, and he who shall be.”

Over Blue Sky Black Death’s lonely saxophone, the telling of the Old Testament tale is a perfect intro for the brooding Ladder; right away, Razah establishes himself as the wise seer, tugging at his thick beard as he explains the ways of the world, as he bring us up his ladder one rung at a time.

Samples from the poorly aging Tarantino-lite Boondock Saints are awkward but easy to ignore thanks to Razah’s engaging, often cryptic lyrics, especially his oblique Judaism references. Razah, who came up with the Wu-Tang-affiliated Sunz of Man and has run solo since 2001’s When All Hell Breaks Loose, has, as far as I can tell, no explicit association with Judaism. (He says on 2004’s “What Gangstas Do”: “I injure players like Ray Lewis, vests spray through it/ Get mad cash like I’m half Jewish.”) Repeatedly, he draws an association with Jews and Israel: “I was told by wise men that the blacks was Jews/ So that made me strap up with tools”; “This for the kids outside that’s in the military/ No matter black or Israeli, they both want us buried”; “I get chills from the pain every time that I kneel/ Now my head is saying prayer for the rest of Israel”; “I’m about to blow like an ave. in Tel Aviv”; “On Shabbat we give the Most High props through hip-hop.”

That’s one of the intriguing things about hip-hop; it’s a conducive medium for a vocalist to craft a persona. Razah’s enigmatic lyrics hint at a personally cultivated, oddball belief system, and, like the best material from his former mentors in the Wu-Tang Clan, demand repeat listenings for proper deciphering.

Razah summed up the recording process, a full-album collaborative effort with the relatively new San Francisco production duo Blue Sky Black Death, as “Studio equipment, Hennessy bottles, spiritual books, sour diesel, and a box of Dutches.” Kingston and Young God of Blue Sky Black Death explained further that that they provided Razah with more beats than he could use, allowing him to pick and choose the best fits. And it shows: The production makes Razah’s mid-groove flow seem downright effortless. Razah’s Ladder makes me wonder, once again, why more emcee don’t employ the practice of the full-album collaboration.

On “Audiobigoraphy,” Razah walks us through his sojourning, small-stakes career — through busted record deals, limited-run seven-inches, flopping LPs — as much for his own fleeting posterity as for our sake. At one point he brings up a few perceived creative appropriations from his higher-profile one-time boosters — “Me and 7th did “Livin’ in Hell”/ Pressed up it independent, not knowin’ if a record would sell/ Rae and Ghost made “Heaven & Hell” while we was hearin’ it/ Meanwhile we thinkin’ it was all coincidence.” He’s not bitter — more confused, shruggingly pensive about what might have been.

Of course, the burn of watching dudes he came up with grace magazine covers and cash royalty checks that as far as Razah is concerned might well have been his will never completely fade. But the emcee has seemingly accepted his fate as a foot soldier in the campaign for quality hip-hop, independent or otherwise. This late-career period finds Razah at ease — confident, reflective, singularly focused on his music, free of resentment. As Razah’s Ladder attests, it should be a fertile one.

01. Elevation
02. Razah’s Ladder
03. The Cube
04. Halos
05. Most Merciful
06. Audiobiography
07. Pray Together
08. Poor Righteous Dreams
09. Better Than Jewelry
10. Project Prophecy
11. Painted Jezebels
12. Written In Blood
13. Stairway To Heaven
14. Sun Of Man
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  • 6月 12 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

Big L – The Big Picture Instrumentals [2000]


Big L是Fat Joe领导的著名团体D.I.T.C.的成员。他生于1974年。首张专辑是发表于1995年的《Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous》,其中的单曲”No Endz, No Skinz”、”Street Struck”、以及”Da Graveyard”都在Underground圈成名。Big L最著名的单曲是1998年的”Ebonics”,同年他还建立了自己的厂牌Flamboyant,几乎是在同时,他加入了来自纽约Bronx的Hip Hop超级团体DITC (Diggin’ in the Crates),并出现在他们的单曲”Dignified Soldiers”中。正当Big L欲登上自己事业的颠峰时刻,1999年2月15日,他在路上被人枪杀,死亡的地点离他在纽约哈林区的家仅仅隔了一条街。

  《Big Pictures》是Big L的第二张,也是最后一张专辑。专辑展示了他作为来自哈林区的MC王者风范,音乐暴戾推进而他则配合以自己邪恶的叙事风格以及剃刀般锋利的饶舌。但真正让专辑成为经典的原因,还是其全明星的制作群:Pete Rock和Premier担纲了大部分歌曲的制作,而Tupac Shakur的客串出现也影响不下小。如果没有这张专辑,Big L则只是一个天才却没有杰出作品的MC。

1999年2月15日,来自哈林的天才Big L在他歌中经常提到的地方Danger Zone也就是139th Street附近被人枪杀,脸部胸部一共中了9枪。我们对这个剧本是如此的熟悉,多年以来,无数颇具天赋的艺术家死于这种街头暴行,就比如大名鼎鼎的Scott La Rock。然而实际上,在街头,每天都会发生这样的剧情。Big L的突然离开让他的歌迷们不敢相信这一切。事隔十多年之后,当人们再次提起这位天才的时候,更多的是眼泪和遗憾。他天赋异禀,只可惜天妒英才,不过还好,他留下了The Big Picture这张遗作。

有人说,如果没有这张专辑,那Big L只是一个没有作品的天才。对于这句话我不敢苟同,因为Big L曾在1995年发行了专辑Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous,其中的三首单曲Put It On,M.V.P.和No Endz ,No Skinz大红大紫,Big L用实力证明了他即将成为说唱圈里的M.V.P.。而当The Big Picture发行之后,粉丝们不免对专辑质量有些失望,然而这也很无奈,因为专辑中有一半以上的歌都是在Big L死后制作的,每个人的想法不同,每个人的思路也不同,没有了本人的参与,再好的制作人也无法还原一个真实的天才对于音乐的想法。在Big L死后,这张未完成的专辑于2000年被重新制作发行,重量级的嘉宾阵容,有Fat Joe,2Pac,Kool G Rap,Big Daddy Kane等实力MC参加,更有DJ Premier,Pete Rock,Lord Finesse等名望颇高的制作人参与专辑制作。

Big L在这张专辑中表现得更为粗暴,为大家带来了既诙谐又睿智的单曲和Freestyle。他的Flow有时候很快,但是咬字很清晰,你可以听清楚每个单词。而他总能在押韵、Flow和歌词吸引力上找到平衡点,并不像有些为了押韵而押韵的歌手,总是东一句西一句,让听者摸不着头脑。当然Big L独有的声线配上他睿智的歌词,更是让他在和别的歌手合作时能够脱颖而出。他一直坚持着九零年代说唱的风格,但却从未让粉丝觉得他的说唱陈旧无聊。

1. The Big Picture (Intro)
2. Ebonics
3. Size ‘Em Up
4. Deadly Combination
5. ’98 Freestyle
6. Holdin’ It Down
7. The Heist
8. The Enemy
9. Fall Back
10. Flamboyant
11. Casualties Of A Dice Game
12. Platinum Plus
13. Who You Slidin’ Wit’
14. Games
15. The Heist Revisited
16. The Triboro
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  • 6月 12 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Mecca and the Soul Brother (Instrumentals)

Pete Rock这位号称90年代四大製作人之一的超级NB人物,除了和CL SMOOTH在90年代初期合作的专辑之外,更帮许多人製作了很多很多的好东西,掛上Pete Rock製作的名字的单曲或专辑根本就是品质的保证。笔者在逛唱片行的时候,Pete Rock的名字,是我想要购买是听与否的一个大指标,因为他太少让我失望了。他那带点爵士味的节拍,取样至jazz 或是funk的vocal声。Pete的音乐,绝对会让你一听到就上癮,他所给你的不只是让你不由自主想要跟著音乐律动,而是撼动你的心灵让你舒服到全身起鸡皮疙瘩的音乐。

Pete Rock第一次出现在音乐圈是80年代晚期在纽约的电台WBLS 的节目”In Control with Marley Marl,” 当DJ。当时节目都是在星期五还有星期六晚上播出。基於对於音乐的喜爱,pete想要精进自己的音乐功力,所以在90年代初期,Pete开始製作音乐(producing)。因为Pete是以DJ还有製作人的身分来製作音乐,所以他找了他的好朋友CL Smooth 来rap。从此之后这对拍档开创了Hip Hop音乐的历史。

91年发行EP All Souled Out ,92 年发行了Mecca & The Soul Brother 这张专辑有著两首HipHop经典名曲 They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” 跟 “Straighten It Out.”有人如此评论这张专辑:在这80分鐘里面,你完全不会想要跳到下一首歌。甚至还有人在葬礼中放这首歌,只因为它真的完美道出了人们追忆的心情。94年Main Ingredient这张专辑发行之后,他们两个人打算独自发展自己的音乐生涯。Pete Rock接著在Loud/RCA 这个厂牌发行了他的首张个人专辑Soul Survivor , 在2001年他又与Rapster/BBE 这个厂牌合作,出了PeteStrumentals. 这张专辑。两年之后又发行了Lost and Found 。04年他推出了Soul Survivor II, 这张专辑这也是和一堆好歌手合作的专辑Pharoahe Monch, Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, 当然还有他的老拍档 C.L. Smooth.


01. Return Of The Mecca
02. For Pete’s Sake
03. Ghettos Of The Mind
04. Lots Of Lovin
05. Act Like You Know
06. Straighten It Out
07. Soul Brother #1
08. Wig Out
09. Anger In The Nation
10. They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)
11. On And On
12. It’s Like That
13. Can’t Front On Me
14. The Basement
15. If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right
16. Skinz

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  • 5月 18 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Various Beatmakers – 16PADS


What do you think of when you hear «16 pads»? Do you think of your midi-controller? Drum-machine? Something else? Keyboard players will probably remember that 16 is two octaves. And this is right, because AKAI’s engineers didn’t pick the number 16 out of blue; and this is not just about the pitch, but in wide range of midi-commands that are multiples of this number. To be honest, I am pretty sure that pads are the one to revolutionize beatmaking; everything that was in MPC 60 was already existing before that. Similar sequencer, sampler — all of that existed, except those 16 Pads and beautiful features that come with them. More that 20 years passed, but even to this day AKAI and other competing companies use exactly this system, because it IS really flexible, convenient and just plain genius! Those pads became the face of beatmaking, quality standard to which all other manufactures live up to. As for beatmakers — it is something that you want to have and master. Even the word «fetish» would be to the point in here. I don’t like the word, but it is what it is. Everybody wants to have the brand new, powerful, expensive machines. For most of my friends this is something that I call «computer». A machine is something that I am giving soul to. This is my tool, my partner, my companion, my dear friend and source of inspiration. This is my 16 pads. And this is my MPC.

16Pads is an album which was created completely using hardware and consists of four banks of sixteens. 16 beatmakers, 16 countries, 16 beats and 16 ways to make a beat.

1.Sneadr – The Hotstepper 02:20
2.Etalon – It’ll Be You 03:38
3.Diza XL – Raw 04:57
4.Politiks – Chosen 03:23
5.Nizuk – Cergy, 1992 04:27
6.Pisar – Dark Side 03:04
7.Omegasix – Ruf Jazz 02:07
8.5th Sequence – Lovespeak 01:42
9.Natural Doc – The World Is A Ghetto 02:16
10.KASETA – Too Ill To Kill 02:34
11.KLIM Beats – Rooftop 01:50
12.Truskull Zerokappa – Waltz 4 Betty 03:24
13.RELIC – Help Centred 03:24
14.Sicknessmp – Whiskey Master 02:08
15.Principe Palanca – Knitting The Moon 02:31
16.Habitus – People Walks 02:20
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  • 5月 09 / 2014
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Chinese 原创

Nathan.X & Piggy – Psychedelic



团队名称:Nathan.X & Piggy
专辑语言:Absolute music 绝对纯音乐
包含类型:Ambient、Trance、Psychedelic Trance、 Breakbeat、 Brit-Hop、 Big-Beat、 Trip-Hop、Hip-hop

参与这张专辑制作的成员有:Nathan.X & Piggy,这张专辑的定位并不是Hip-hop,而是介于Electronica和Hip-hop之间的模糊风格的Absolute music 绝对的纯音乐,而并非伴奏。

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  • 5月 09 / 2014
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Chinese 原创

Intangible ISM Presents Vol.1 – Beautiful Struggle

Intangible Ism自2011成军以来,从单有SoundzImage和Chopurmind的二人团慢慢壮大到如今的6名Producer共同组成的团体,可谓不容易啊。大家决定凑在一起,推出第一张合辑,创建一个开始。这也就是这一张Beautiful Struggle的由来。
Intangible ism是由SoundzImage,Chopurmind,Lecolean,EazyToo,Skip,Lipei 6位制作人共同组成的HIP HOP音乐制作团队, 旗下包括SoundzImage和Luvea的组成的Voyagers以及Lecolean和Skip组成的Old Flavor!

Intangible Ism拥有优美日系Jazzy Hiphop的缔造者,与能奉上Soul Food烹煮灵魂的厨师,也不乏”老学校”偏执分子。由于多元而难以给她打上一个不变的标签,团体的寓意编来源于此。成立伊始,团体内的成员已出现在不少专辑的客串名单之中,如Melancholic Jazz Purple Noon,Hanabi With You,Japan:Hope for Tomorrow等等。除了由Chopurmind(米小高)操刀的专辑Good Days,也于其他饶舌歌手或制作人有过不少合作例
如U180,Lu1(Knitters),Nicolas Wonder(Goon Trax),Awon(Goon Trax),Kondor(Libyus Music),Lusrica(IntroDuCing!)。
Beautiful Struggle是团体内成员首次向大家共同呈现各自声音的一张集合,在这一次行动之中,还邀请到台湾地区的Conehead和海外的DJ Kross客串助阵

01 Skip – Turn It On
02 EazyToo – Kiss The Leaves
03 Lipei – Before The End
04 Lecolean – Sunrise
05 DJ Kross – Shadow Of Your Smile
06 Voyagers – Magical Journey
07 EazyToo – Moon Light
08 Skip – Feel This
09 Conehead – Troubled Times
10 Lipei – A Moonlight Night
11 BAHЯ – Zen Electronica
12 Skip – Beach Groove
13 Lecolean – Asian Kids
14 EazyToo – Night Fleeting
15 Voyagers – Miracle Road
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  • 5月 09 / 2014
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Chinese 原创

Aichen – Ebola


1. 传播
2. 潜伏期
3. 感染
4. 病毒扩散
5. 细胞破坏
6. 发热性
7. 出血
8. 死亡
9. Ebola
10. Lose Yourself (Bonus Track)
11. Koas (Bonus Track)
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  • 5月 02 / 2014
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Jazz 爵士

【经典再临】Damu The Fudgemunk – Damumelo


I listened “Redef Remix” on Saturday and then i spent the whole Sunday afternoon listening to my favorite instrumentals and beats released by Damu in last years, i was annoyed to play the “skip game” (yep the funny game when you start to hit the skip button to find your favorite track) so i decided to select like a 60 minutes of instrumentals and beats to put into my mp3 player…. then this morning i was thinking: mmm i’m gonna do a “cover” (a photo with not a good title… yep) and i’m gonna post this to the blog…. here it is.

01. Pulse – Fudgemunk Instro 2006
02. The Beat Goes On
03. You Know Who! (2006)
04. All Green
05. Never Off (On & On)
06. How Many Of Us
07. Wonka Beat 5
08. Coffee Table – 2005
09. Boomerang Luck (2007)
10. Peace I’m Out the Door
11. Prosper
12. Killin’ Time Rhyme
13. Not So Young Anymore (2005)
14. Colorful Storms – Official Mix
15. Time Leak (Redef Remix)
16. Tea Thyme (2005)
17. Gettin’ & Steppin (2006)
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  • 4月 18 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Mr. Green – Ill Piano aka Classic Beats Volume 4 钢琴旋律伴奏

“The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.”
– Thelonious Monk

“Ill Piano is a one of a kind conceptual instrumental
album centering around piano melodies and heavy drums
composed by the one and only Mr. Green from ‘Live from the Streets’.

The fourth volume in Green’s “Classic Beats” series, this record
is different than anything seen or heard in the past because it’s the
first professional hip hop album that puts the piano in the forefront.”

01 New Beginnings
02 Emergency
03 Far Away
04 R&B Sex Dance
05 Stay Optimistic
06 The Divorce
07 Gang Name
08 Snake Pit
09 Old Man River
10 Around The Bend
11 50,000 (Bert’s Theme)
12 Dirty Drums
13 Celebration
14 Sort Of Sad
15 Melancholy
16 Gone Crazy
17 New York
18 Motion Picture
19 Forever
20 The Last Biscuit
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