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  • 5月 20 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

饶舌伴奏Ghostface Killah -Supreme Clientele Instrumental 2000


第一张专辑大获成功后,1999年底,Ghostface Killah终于又重新开始为他的第二张专辑开始工作,2000年新年伊始,Ghostface Killah的第二张个人专辑《Supreme Clientele》就正式发行,这张专辑虽然在商业上并没有取得和首张专辑一样的巨大成功,但是整张专辑非常有煽动力也非常有趣,可以说是武当家族成员后来发行的唱片中最好的一张


01. Intro
02. Nutmeg
03. One
04. Saturday Nite
05. Ghost Deini
06. Apollo Kids
07. The Grain
08. Buck 50
09. Mighty Healthy
10. Stay True – (featuring 60 Second Assassin)
11. We Made It – (featuring Superb)
12. Malcolm
13. Child’s Play
14. Cherchez LaGhost
15. Wu Banga 101 – (featuring GZA/Cappadonna/Masta Killah/Raekwon)

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  • 5月 20 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

武当派说唱伴奏WU-TANG CLAN – Enter The Wu Tang 36 chambers Instrumental


WU-TANG CLAN是一支成名比较长时间的HIP-HOP乐队组合。在黑人HIP-HOP界享有盛名。
  这支来自纽约长岛的hip-hop乐队的原始成员包括Genius aka GZA,RZA aka Prince Rakeem,Ol’ Dirty Bastard,Raekwon,Method Man,Ghostface Killah,Inspectah Deck aka Rebel INS和U-God。Wu-Tang Clan乐队的历史可以追溯到由Rakeem堂兄弟,the Genius和Ol’ Dirty Bastard组成。在Rakeem和the Genius组成Wu-Tang Clan之前就各自在Tommy Boy唱片公司和Cold Chillin’唱片公司出版了自己的唱片,如今这些唱片公司都辽无踪影。乐队的每个成员都以自己的功夫知识自豪,在他们的首张专辑里,划成两派,武当和少林,象征他们在说唱时的两个对立面。他们独立制作的单曲Protect Ya Neck在地下广为流传,这引起了主流唱片公司的注意。当他们作为一个乐队整体和Loud/ RCA唱片公司签约的时候,在合同上他们也注明了乐队成员可以在乐队之外作个人的发展。The Genius和Geffen公司,Method Man和Def Jam公司,Ol’ Dirty Bastard和Elektra公司都签有个人发展的合同,而Raekwon留在Loud/RCA作个人发展。RZA也与Prince Paul和Fruitkwan组成了Gravediggaz,同时兼顾Wu-Tang Clan和自己个人发展。Wu-Tang Clan的音乐素材里包含了学院化的韵律,这对于他们那种在音乐中分为对立两派,相互争论的风格很有用。音乐的背景节奏采样于功夫影片。这些富有攻击性的功夫文化色彩的音乐和以前的说唱很不一样,他们的首张专辑Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)在他们自己的录音室录制,36 Chambers暗指少林派功夫里常常提到的人体的36个要穴。RZA在作品中的所有的节奏和采样方式很快在地下hip-hop界时髦起来。专辑最后在美国达到了金唱片,但是1993年11月刚出版的时候只达到专辑榜41位。而单曲”C.R.E.A.M.”迟到的成功使得乐队成为炙手可热的说唱明星。而在1994年,乐队出了件糟糕的事儿,3月13日U-God的2岁儿子Dante Hawkins在户外玩耍的时候被街头枪战流弹击中,被打伤了双手和肾。


  Wu-Tang Clan现在的官方成员又增加了两位Masta Killa和Cappadonna,这个长长的名单上还包括一些合作者Shyheim, Killah Priest, Shabazz The Disciple, Killarmy以及the Sunz Of Man,他们也都出版了口碑不错的个人专辑。乐队在1997年重新集结,但是新专辑明显不如他们的处女专辑,甚至不如GZA的个人专辑Liquid Swords。不过专辑仍然是hip-hop历史上期待值最高的专辑,并且在6月登上了美国专辑榜的第一位。除此之外还有一些与Wu-Tang Clan相关的专辑,包括Killah Priest出色的个人专辑Heavy Mental,Cappadonna的畅销专辑The Pillage,这都使得Wu-Tang Clan及其旁支成为一个庞大的产业王国,现在他们又在出卖自己的服装和电视游戏。乐队的成员现在准备录制一张the W作为一次精彩的回归,制作人员还包括了一些从未合作过的客座音乐人。


1. Bring Da Ruckus
2. Shame on a nigga
3. Clan in da front
4. Wu Tang : 7th Chamber
5. Can it be so simple
6. Da mystery of chessboxin’
7. Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit
8. C.R.E.A.M.
9. Method Man
10. Protect ya neck
11. Tearz
12. Wu Tang : 7th Chamber – Part II
13. Method Man (Skunk mix)
14. Conclusion
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  • 5月 20 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

RZA – Instrumental Experience [2007]

Title : Instrumental Experience
Artist : RZA
Label : Think Differently
Genre : Hip-Hop
Quality : 44.1 @VBR 77,5
Grabbed from : CDDA
Size : 77,5 MB
Time : 74:31 min

01 The Samples (Intro)
02 Wu-Tang 7th Chamber Part 2
03 Black Mamba
04 Diesel
05 Ya’ll Been Warned
06 Knowledge God
07 Child’s Play
08 Chamber Music
09 Severe Punishment
10 7th Chamber
11 For Heaven’s Sake
12 Camay
13 Ice Cream
14 Triumph
15 State Of Grace
16 Run
17 Brutality (The Grindz)
18 Hollow Bones
19 Reunited
20 Domestic Violence
21 My G.O.D.
22 Duck Seazon

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  • 5月 19 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles – Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers Instrumentals [2010]

Keeping it moving on Instrumental Tuesday we present to you the instrumentals to the Tom Caruanaproject Wu-Tang vs.The Beatles: Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers. Grab the original here, if you missed it.Hit it at the jump and enjoy !!!


02.Got Your Money
03.Forget Me Not
04.Back In The Game
05.Uh Huh
07.Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’
08.Daytona 500
10. Bonus Beat
11.Smith Bros
12.R.E.C. Room
13.Wu Vs Beatles (skit)
14.Mighty Healthy
15.Clientele Kidd
16.Cutting It Up
17.Release Yo Self
18.City High
20.Cross My Heart
21.Uzi (Pinky Ring)
23.Slang Editorial
24.Save Me Dear
25.The Movement
26.Wu Tang Cream Team Line Up

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  • 5月 19 / 2014
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Mixtape 分享



Instrumentally Sound is the first official solo release from Trioptic of Sound Scientists. The album includes a few beats previously featured on Adult Swim, along with instrumentals used by 12 O’Clock (Brooklyn Zu) and Chi-King.


The versatile and unexpected group, Sound Scientists (Sklex), consists of DJ/Producer Smoothbeats, Producer/Multimedia Genius Trioptic (Lex), Producer/Engineer Polygrafic and Engineer Gravity.

Band History:
The versatile and unexpected group, Sound Scientists (Sklex), consists of DJ/Producer Smoothbeats, Producer/Multimedia Genius Trioptic (Lex), Producer/Engineer Polygrafic and Engineer Gravity. We have worked with all types of artists, from hip-hop (Snipe, Kingsyze of Q-Demented, Rasheed & Juan Gotti of Dopehouse, Quite Nyce of Abstrakt, Mad-1, Phil Harmonic of Mindspit, and many more) to reggaeton (Yaga y Mackie, Redeyes and more) and more (Transistor, Marq Torien of the Bullet Boys “smmmooootthh up in yaaa”).

Trioptic grew up between Upstate NY and Southwest FL from 1983-2001. (Gravity teamed up in 1999, getting the first item to change their minds forever.. the MPC2000XL.) After 2001, it was off to the military as a digital media engineer. During his time stationed in Texas, he met up with Smoothbeats.. and so it began. Now located in Florida (as of 2005) with engineer Gravity, the hustle has ownly gotten stronger, bringing all of the hard work in Texas back to Florida.

Smoothbeats on the other hand, is a Houston-born beat junkie who has been in the game since Public Enemy were jacking for beats. He became a master of the MPC, ASR and SP1200 before there was an Ebay. Smooth (another military vet) has traveled to record and perform from Virginia to L.A. to Mexico (and hopefully Europe soon, jonies).

Polygrafic was the final element to the Sound Scientists. His musical genius with every piece of gear you set in front of him, from the MPC to the Triton, is obvious. In fact, his skill (and hustle) got him the opportunity to do the official Spurs Anthem for the winning 2003 season. Lots has changed since 2003. In the beginning of 2005, Tony Parker of the Spurs put Polygrafic onto a new level, producing for his French hip-hop label. Expect to hear more about this soon

With radio play starting out with college stations in New York, Maine and Texas… to heavy rotation on Power 106 in LA with a Twista Remix… to international airplay via radio in Puerto Rico and Mexico, our fanbase is growing fast… and we have only started.
Debut album is coming soon, the Sound Scientists are currently seeking distribution for various projects.


Q:Why this name?
A:Sound Scientists… actually got the idea from an old test record from the 60s.

Q:Do you play live?
A:Sometimes. Shows in Vegas, San Antonio, Houston, LA… beat battles in Orlando & Miami.. plus some live radio tracks. Some of the best music is made on the spot.

Q:How do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
A:turns the whole sh*** upside down!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
depends what the contract says. Major labels mean nothing if they wanna squash your album and own all of your music.

Q:Your influences?
A:Frank Zappa, Wu-Tang and strip clubs

Q:Favorite spot?
A:San Antonio, TX

Q:Equipment used:
A:MPC2000XL, ASR-10, SP1200, Triton, Motif, ProTools HD, so much gear…Anything else…?

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  • 5月 18 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Various Beatmakers – 16PADS


What do you think of when you hear «16 pads»? Do you think of your midi-controller? Drum-machine? Something else? Keyboard players will probably remember that 16 is two octaves. And this is right, because AKAI’s engineers didn’t pick the number 16 out of blue; and this is not just about the pitch, but in wide range of midi-commands that are multiples of this number. To be honest, I am pretty sure that pads are the one to revolutionize beatmaking; everything that was in MPC 60 was already existing before that. Similar sequencer, sampler — all of that existed, except those 16 Pads and beautiful features that come with them. More that 20 years passed, but even to this day AKAI and other competing companies use exactly this system, because it IS really flexible, convenient and just plain genius! Those pads became the face of beatmaking, quality standard to which all other manufactures live up to. As for beatmakers — it is something that you want to have and master. Even the word «fetish» would be to the point in here. I don’t like the word, but it is what it is. Everybody wants to have the brand new, powerful, expensive machines. For most of my friends this is something that I call «computer». A machine is something that I am giving soul to. This is my tool, my partner, my companion, my dear friend and source of inspiration. This is my 16 pads. And this is my MPC.

16Pads is an album which was created completely using hardware and consists of four banks of sixteens. 16 beatmakers, 16 countries, 16 beats and 16 ways to make a beat.

1.Sneadr – The Hotstepper 02:20
2.Etalon – It’ll Be You 03:38
3.Diza XL – Raw 04:57
4.Politiks – Chosen 03:23
5.Nizuk – Cergy, 1992 04:27
6.Pisar – Dark Side 03:04
7.Omegasix – Ruf Jazz 02:07
8.5th Sequence – Lovespeak 01:42
9.Natural Doc – The World Is A Ghetto 02:16
10.KASETA – Too Ill To Kill 02:34
11.KLIM Beats – Rooftop 01:50
12.Truskull Zerokappa – Waltz 4 Betty 03:24
13.RELIC – Help Centred 03:24
14.Sicknessmp – Whiskey Master 02:08
15.Principe Palanca – Knitting The Moon 02:31
16.Habitus – People Walks 02:20
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  • 5月 18 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Scab Beatz – Straight From Tokyo

Scab Beatz – Liberty 1:54
Scab Beatz – White Out 2:18
Scab Beatz – Love N Hate 3:14
Scab Beatz – Daydream 1:47
Scab Beatz – Ghetto Youth 2:05
Scab Beatz – New Day 3:10
Scab Beatz – The Park 2:59
Scab Beatz – Soul Street 0:53
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  • 5月 18 / 2014
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Jazz 爵士

日本制作人Bugseed – memoirs LP

“memoirs LP” is recollection of my compilation, collabo and remix works. nuff respect to the featuring artists “pigeondust”, “ill.sugi”, “fancy mike”, “eneko jones fosho”.

01.painted lady (Word Is Bond – Hope for Tomorrow)
02.beta-endorphin (H​.​E​.​R. Universal Touch Vol​.​1: Japan)
03.smokestack (Beat Train Recordings – Urban Sampler Session #4)
04.judgmatic (Cascade Records – Sunrise Choir)
05.studio apartment (Beat Train Recordings – Urban Sampler Session #2)
06.delusion (Mind Extraction Compilation Beattape)
07.dreams of tomorrow (EN Tokyo – One)
08.stimulated emission (jones fosho rmx)
09.ramachandran remix (Fancy Mike – Sigma Chi Primavera)
10.walkin’ dead (Rapohnelizenz – The Beat Tape Vol​.​2)
11.fresh breeze (Beats For Dawn Compilation #2)
12.break of dawn (Rapohnelizenz – The Beat Tape Vol​.​1)
13.asobi track ft.pigeondust
14.raws ft.ill.sugi (Raws – One)

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  • 4月 29 / 2014
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Beatzone 推荐

LORD BEATJITZU – 《Kung Fu VS NINJA 》(Collection by Beatzone)

Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – EXECUTION NAGINATA [BROTHER DRAGON]
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – FRAGRANT SWORD
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – TENG DYNASTY WARRIORZ
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – 7 LEAF KUNG FU
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – EVERYTHING DUB
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – EAST TIGER FIST
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – DRUNKEN MASTERS
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – BLACK ARK PALM TECHNIQUE
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – THE BLADESMITH
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – KINGSTON 72
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – THE 2 TIGERZ OF WWI
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – MASTER OR STUDENT
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – TAI CHI POLE
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – Everything Dub
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – Killer Monk Temple.
Bastard Sword & Lord Beatjitzu – The Disciple
OL DIRTY NINJA – 18 Styles-Ol Dirty Ninja
OL DIRTY NINJA – Abbott VS Ninja
Lord Beatjitzu – 7th Sign
Lord Beatjitzu – Beggarz Wine
Lord Beatjitzu – Bruce Li In Jamaica
Lord Beatjitzu – Crane & Eagle
Lord Beatjitzu – Dirty Cratez
Lord Beatjitzu – Dollar Bin Special
Lord Beatjitzu – Dream Sword
Lord Beatjitzu – Flutes & Breakz
Lord Beatjitzu – Hidden Chamber
Lord Beatjitzu – Iron Cloth
Lord Beatjitzu – Lady Wu Tang
Lord Beatjitzu – Secret Styles
Lord Beatjitzu – Silver Spear
Lord Beatjitzu -Black Belt Cipha
Lord Beatjitzu -BLUNT 4
Lord Beatjitzu -Ninja Traps
Lord Beatjitzu -Snake Style
Lord Beatjitzu – R.O.B.O.T. (Bonus Track)

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  • 4月 24 / 2014
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Beatzone 推荐

Chinese Sample(中国风Rap伴奏)( collection by beatzone)

01.DJ Sonny – Forgotten Times
02.DJ Sonny – Japan Chan
03.DJ Sonny – Rebirth Of The Realness
04.Freddie Bruno – CRUNKPOW
05.Freddie Bruno – SAKE SHOT GLASS
06.Lord Beatjitzu – Hong Kong Ginseng
07.Symphony Sounds – Unchanted

08.Micah smith – Hu lu si
09.Micah smith – Prideand prevalence
10.IQ – Не Грузи Меня (feat. YG)(instrumental)
11.Selçuk Exxis – Kardan Alevler
12.Jonesmann & phreQuincy – Superstar (Instrumental)
13.Micah Smith and mirF – Eagle Claw [Prod. Micah]
14.Turn it loud – This Chinese B***
15.Dj khaira mellow chinesestyle instrumental
16.HiPPiE (aka Duffcritter) – Chinese Folk Beat
17.Various Artists – monica – sideline ho instrumenta
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中国HipHop制作人Beats作品征稿中 立即加入