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  • 7月 23 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

PHILLIE – Crimeline Chronicles (Instrumentals) (2014)


Phillie – Wise Guys (Instrumental) 3:33
Phillie – Taylor Made (Instrumental) 5:55
Phillie – Night Crawlerz (Instrumental) 3:54
Phillie – Bloody Meadows (Instrumental) 2:38
Phillie – Detroit Mind State (Instrumental) 4:17
Phillie – Three Card Monte (Instrumental) 3:53
Phillie – Crimeline Chronicles (Instrumental) 3:59
Phillie – Lost Art Of Criminology (Instrumental) 3:29

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  • 6月 26 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

71Raw – Ninja Guidance(Instrumentals)


The hip-hop movement has stormed through almost every place both nationwide and worldwide. And now the time has come for Orange County, California to become a part of hip-hop history. Orange County has undeniable been misrepresented in those popular television shows — and it’s time for 71RAW to show everyone that as much as the bourgeoisie lifestyle exists in the O.C., so does the hip-hop way of life.
  71Raw, in which the name is derived from the area code 714, is represented by Anthai, Martial Art, and Broken Tongue. Their history began when they all met in 1996 — Martial Art and Broken Tongue being childhood friends and then meeting Anthai during high school. It was after they met that their interest in emceeing and DJing slowly matured into full-grown, solid passion for creating music. It was in 1999 they first started making music and in 2004, they released their first album, “71Raw Project.” And, as luck (and, with no doubt, their talent) would have it, in 2005, 71Raw got the opportunity to be introduced to some of the Wu-Tang memebers by Christ Bearer of Northstar (Wu-Tang West Coast Killa Beez). Some of those Wu-Tang members include Rza, Method Man, Black Knights, Beretta 9, and Freemurda — just to name a few. So, the journey to work on their second album began that same year.
  After three years 71Raw has put together another underground Hip-Hop album entitled “Ninja Guidance,” which was produced 95% by Anthai and 5% by Martial Art. The album is honored to have guest appearances from Wu-Tang affiliated, including Solomon Childs, Beretta 9 (Killarmy), Black Knights, Christ Bearer (Northstar), and Pesha (Blackball Ent.). It was 71Raw’s goal to make an album that would take their fans back to the music of the golden Hip-Hop era that they grew up on: 90’s Hip-Hop! And, “Ninja Guidance” became the end result. Without any phony A&R or any type of management telling them how to make their album, 71Raw had 100% full control of their creativity to make this album raw and rough for their fans. This album will take you back to the days of Blackmoon, Wu-Tang, Jeru The Damaja, and Gangstarr

01 – Martial Art
02 – Revenge (feat. Beretta 9 of Killarmy & Christ Bearer of Northstar)
03 – Bloodline
04 – The Last Fight (feat. The Black Knights)
05 – Drunken Master
06 – M.C. Classic (feat. Platto)
07 – Mask Men (feat. Beretta 9 of Killarmy)
08 – Fuck Yall
09 – June 21st (feat. Christ Bearer of Northstar & 5 Star)
10 – Stay True (feat. The Black Knights)
11 – You’ve Been Bad
12 – Life Is Hard (feat. Pesha)
13 – Sun Moon & Stars
14 – Two Places At One Time
15 – Lace ’em
16 – 71war
17 – Raw Fish
18 – The Master & The Student (feat. Solomon Child & Monk of The Black)
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  • 6月 17 / 2014
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Rhythm 旋律

Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah – Razah’s Ladder Instrumentals 2007


“Our father Jacob is having a dream,“ Hell Razah recounts at the outset of the excellent Razah’s Ladder. “And in this dream he sees a ladder that’s set up on the earth, and the top of it reaches into the heaven. He say he can hail the angels of Yahweh, ascending and descending on this ladder, and when he look to the top of it, he saw the creator of the universe: Yahweh. He who is, he who was, and he who shall be.”

Over Blue Sky Black Death’s lonely saxophone, the telling of the Old Testament tale is a perfect intro for the brooding Ladder; right away, Razah establishes himself as the wise seer, tugging at his thick beard as he explains the ways of the world, as he bring us up his ladder one rung at a time.

Samples from the poorly aging Tarantino-lite Boondock Saints are awkward but easy to ignore thanks to Razah’s engaging, often cryptic lyrics, especially his oblique Judaism references. Razah, who came up with the Wu-Tang-affiliated Sunz of Man and has run solo since 2001’s When All Hell Breaks Loose, has, as far as I can tell, no explicit association with Judaism. (He says on 2004’s “What Gangstas Do”: “I injure players like Ray Lewis, vests spray through it/ Get mad cash like I’m half Jewish.”) Repeatedly, he draws an association with Jews and Israel: “I was told by wise men that the blacks was Jews/ So that made me strap up with tools”; “This for the kids outside that’s in the military/ No matter black or Israeli, they both want us buried”; “I get chills from the pain every time that I kneel/ Now my head is saying prayer for the rest of Israel”; “I’m about to blow like an ave. in Tel Aviv”; “On Shabbat we give the Most High props through hip-hop.”

That’s one of the intriguing things about hip-hop; it’s a conducive medium for a vocalist to craft a persona. Razah’s enigmatic lyrics hint at a personally cultivated, oddball belief system, and, like the best material from his former mentors in the Wu-Tang Clan, demand repeat listenings for proper deciphering.

Razah summed up the recording process, a full-album collaborative effort with the relatively new San Francisco production duo Blue Sky Black Death, as “Studio equipment, Hennessy bottles, spiritual books, sour diesel, and a box of Dutches.” Kingston and Young God of Blue Sky Black Death explained further that that they provided Razah with more beats than he could use, allowing him to pick and choose the best fits. And it shows: The production makes Razah’s mid-groove flow seem downright effortless. Razah’s Ladder makes me wonder, once again, why more emcee don’t employ the practice of the full-album collaboration.

On “Audiobigoraphy,” Razah walks us through his sojourning, small-stakes career — through busted record deals, limited-run seven-inches, flopping LPs — as much for his own fleeting posterity as for our sake. At one point he brings up a few perceived creative appropriations from his higher-profile one-time boosters — “Me and 7th did “Livin’ in Hell”/ Pressed up it independent, not knowin’ if a record would sell/ Rae and Ghost made “Heaven & Hell” while we was hearin’ it/ Meanwhile we thinkin’ it was all coincidence.” He’s not bitter — more confused, shruggingly pensive about what might have been.

Of course, the burn of watching dudes he came up with grace magazine covers and cash royalty checks that as far as Razah is concerned might well have been his will never completely fade. But the emcee has seemingly accepted his fate as a foot soldier in the campaign for quality hip-hop, independent or otherwise. This late-career period finds Razah at ease — confident, reflective, singularly focused on his music, free of resentment. As Razah’s Ladder attests, it should be a fertile one.

01. Elevation
02. Razah’s Ladder
03. The Cube
04. Halos
05. Most Merciful
06. Audiobiography
07. Pray Together
08. Poor Righteous Dreams
09. Better Than Jewelry
10. Project Prophecy
11. Painted Jezebels
12. Written In Blood
13. Stairway To Heaven
14. Sun Of Man
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  • 5月 22 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

Wu Tang Clan – DA SHAOLIN Instrumentals (DJ SKWA2 Presents)

1. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Wu-Tang Forever Unreleased (Instrumental)
2. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – As High As Wu-Tang Get (Instrumental)
3. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Brooklyn Zoo (Instrumental)
4. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Spot Lite (Instrumental)
5. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Little Ghetto Boys (Instrumental)
6. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Impossible (Instrumental)
7. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – M.G.M. (Instrumental)
8. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Visionz (Instrumental)
9. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – The City (Instrumental)
10. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Ain’t Nuthing Ta (Instrumental)
11. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Reunited (Instrumental)
12. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Older Godz (Extended Instrumental)
13. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Ice Cream (Instrumental)
14. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – It’s Yours (Instrumental)
15. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – The Projects (Instrumental)
16. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Wu-Revolution (Instrumental)
17. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Shadowboxing (Instrumental)
18. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Duck Seazons (Instrumental)
19. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Triumph (Instrumental)
20. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Dog Sh@t (Instrumental)
21. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Da mystery of chessboxin’ (Instrumental)
22. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Hollow bones (Instrumental)
23. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – 7th Chamber (Instrumental)
24. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – U.S.A. (Instrumental)
25. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Tearz (Instrumental)
26. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Bring the Pain (Instrumental)
27. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Treez (Instrumental)
28. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – For heavens sake (Instrumental)
29. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Shimmy shimmy ya (Instrumental)
30. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Shame on a nigga (Instrumental)
31. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Break that (Instrumental)
32. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Protect ya neck (Instrumental)
33. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Strawberries and creams (Instrumental)
34. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Ninja step (Instrumental)
35. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – In da front (Instrumental)
36. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Method man (Instrumental)
37. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Method man rmx (Instrumental)
38. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – My g.o.d. (Instrumental)
39. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Black star line-up (Instrumental)
40. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Protect ya neck II the zoo (Instrumental)
41. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – State of grace (Instrumental)
42. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Yall been warned (Instrumental)
43. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Black mamba (Instrumental)
44. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Baby c mon (Instrumental)
45. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Childs play (Instrumental)
46. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Diesel (Instrumental)
47. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Domestic violence (Instrumental)
48. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Chamber music (Instrumental)
49. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Goin down (Instrumental)
50. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – On tha ground (Instrumental)
51. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Raw hide (Instrumental)
52. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Mesmerize (Instrumental)
53. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Snakes (Instrumental)
54. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Det e sa jag kanner (Instrumental)
55. Wu Tang Clan & Dj Skwa2 – Brutality (Instrumental)

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  • 5月 20 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

饶舌伴奏DJ What It Iz – Wu-Tang Instrumentals [2010]

01 – C.R.E.A.M.
02 – Shimmy Shimmy Ya
03 – Incarcerated Scarfaces
04 – Daytona 500
05 – It’s Yourz
06 – Protect Ya Neck
07 – Brooklyn Zoo
08 – Hippa To Da Hoppa
09 – Rainy Dayz Remix
10 – Ice Cream
11 – Poisonous Darts
12 – Fish
13 – Triumph
14 – Reunited
15 – Method Man
16 – Don’t You Now
17 – Criminology
18 – Camay
19 – All That I Got Is You
20 – Older Gods

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  • 5月 20 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

饶舌伴奏Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (Instrumental LP) [1995]


Raekwon的绰号是CHEF,因为他总能做出美味的食物,做为WU-TANG的一名正式成员,他并不如其它成员,如Method Man或Ol’ Dirty Raekwon那样引人注目.但他与GZA和Ghostface Killah合作的坐品却受到了好评.


在我的记忆中,还没有哪支团队的人数能比的上Wu-Tang Clan,而更为可贵的是,这9位MC在保证团队利益的同时,个个都成长为了能独当一面的大将,他们那个W的LOGO,不尽是他们的向征.也成为了HIP HOP的标志.

Wu-Tang Clan打破了组合的原始定意,团队成员可以随意的发展个人事业,他们同唱片公司签约时也特别注明了这一点,所以我们看到的Wu-Tang九侠都来自不同的唱片公司.RZA无疑是团队的老大,但其实Wu-Tang Clan是由他的表兄GZA和Ol’ Dirty Bastard组成的.但Wu-Tang Clan是在RZA的指导下强大起来的,他是一个天生的制作人,是他为Wu-Tang定意了风格,是他包办了专辑的所有制作,他将9个实力超强的MC准确的定位,并在专辑中让他们每一个人的特点得到充分发挥,没有人被埋漠.

1993年他们发表了Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),一张无法用言语形容的伟大专辑,虽然当时专辑发行后,并没有很快取得很好的成绩,但渐渐的越来越多的人被这张专辑吸引住了.其中的Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit和C.R.E.A.M.都以成为传世经典,直到今天依旧为人津津乐道.

首张专辑成功之后,成员们都开始了个人事业,RZA组建了另一支团队The Gravediggaz,并发行了经典的6 Feet Deep . Method Man发行了个人专辑Tical,他也成为了Wu-Tang九侠中最早发行个人唱片的. Ol’ Dirty Bastard紧随着Method Man的步伐,发行了经典的Return to the 36 Chambers,就是我们俗称的”身份证”.95年,Raekwon的Only Built 4 Cuban Linx,GZA的Liquid Swords和Ghostface Killah的Ironman,这几张个人专辑,无一不被喜欢HIP HOP的人顶礼谟拜.

在团员都经历了个人成功之后,在1997年,Wu-Tang Clan的回归大作Wu-Tang Forever发行了,专辑一周就卖出了600000张,并在各各榜单都轰下头名宝座.所有的Wu-Tang迷都疯了似的抢购专辑,的确,他们让歌迷等的太久了.不久Cappadonna也加入了进来,成为团队的第10名成员.再次成功之后,Wu-Tang Clan成员再次投入到个人事业中,与此同时,他们也开始提携新人,很多与他们有过合作的歌手,都借着Wu-Tang Clan的东风开始发展.其实Wu-Tang Clan正式成员只有10人,但他们的分支团队和艺人就多的数不胜数了,这些人都被统称为Wu Familiy.

98年对于Ol’ Dirty Bastard来说就是恶梦,他不断的惹出各种各样的麻烦,先是在Grammy Awards上打断Shawn Colvin的得奖感言,以此表示对于Wu-Tang Clan没有得到最佳说唱奖的不满,这也尽尽是个开始,之后他又因强奸,入室行窃,恐呵,吸毒等多项罪名而被起诉.但就在98年之后,Wu-Tang又开始了新一轮的轰炸,RZA的RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo, Method Man的Tical 2000: Judgement Day, RZA的Hits, GZA的Beneath the Surface, Ol’ Dirty Bastard的Nigga Please, Method Man和Redman的Blackout! Inspectah Deck的Uncontrolled Substance, U-God的Golden Arms Redemption, Raekwon的Immobilarity, Ghostface Killah的Supreme Clientele,但这第二轮轰炸并不像上一次那么受欢迎.

爱惹麻烦的Ol’ Dirty Bastard,在被判刑后,竟然越狱,还去参加Wu-Tang Clan新专辑The W的发布会,虽然他只参与了其中一首歌(因为坐牢).他最终还是被警察抓回了监狱.2001年Wu-Tang Clan又发行了Iron Flag,Ol’ Dirty Bastard仍旧无法参与.就在2004年,一个消息震惊了整个美国,Ol’ Dirty Bastard因心脏病去逝,这个充满争议的天才MC走完了他的一生.但Ol’ Dirty Bastard和Wu-Tang Clan永远值得被铭记.


1. Striving for Perfection
2. Knuckleheadz
3. Knowledge God
4. Criminology
5. Incarcerated Scarfaces
6. Rainy Dayz
7. Guillotine (Swordz)
8. Can It Be All So Simple [Remix]
9. Shark Niggas (Biters)
10. Ice Water
11. Glaciers of Ice
12. Verbal Intercourse
13. Wisdom Body
14. Spot Rusherz
15. Ice Cream
16. Wu-Gambinos – Method Man, Raekwon
17. Heaven & Hell
18. North Star (Jewels)
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  • 5月 20 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

饶舌伴奏Ghostface Killah -Supreme Clientele Instrumental 2000


第一张专辑大获成功后,1999年底,Ghostface Killah终于又重新开始为他的第二张专辑开始工作,2000年新年伊始,Ghostface Killah的第二张个人专辑《Supreme Clientele》就正式发行,这张专辑虽然在商业上并没有取得和首张专辑一样的巨大成功,但是整张专辑非常有煽动力也非常有趣,可以说是武当家族成员后来发行的唱片中最好的一张


01. Intro
02. Nutmeg
03. One
04. Saturday Nite
05. Ghost Deini
06. Apollo Kids
07. The Grain
08. Buck 50
09. Mighty Healthy
10. Stay True – (featuring 60 Second Assassin)
11. We Made It – (featuring Superb)
12. Malcolm
13. Child’s Play
14. Cherchez LaGhost
15. Wu Banga 101 – (featuring GZA/Cappadonna/Masta Killah/Raekwon)

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  • 5月 20 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

老学校的节奏Ol’ Dirty Bastard(O.D.B): Return to the 36 Chambers [Instrumentals]

袭卷东岸饶舌之霸主,堪称当今黑帮饶舌派系中最具代表的超级猛团Wu-Tang Clan(武当帮)其名下的成员更聚集多达10位大将,今天所介绍的主角Ol’ Dirty Bastard(以下简称ODB)即是旗下最头痛、最恶名昭彰,却也最有音乐创作才气的子弟兵。武当帮于’91年成军,’93 年推出深受各界好评的首张专辑「Wu-Tang 36 Chambers」后,各弟兄们便陆续化名推出个人音乐作品;ODB则选在’95年初春推出首张脱队单飞之作「Return To The 36 Chambers」,从专辑标题上不难发现他有延续Wu-Tang时期的音乐精神,更将Wu-Tang首张专辑的灵感继续恣意抒发于自己的专辑里头

98年对于Ol’ Dirty Bastard来说就是恶梦,他不断的惹出各种各样的麻烦,先是在Grammy Awards上打断Shawn Colvin的得奖感言,以此表示对于Wu-Tang Clan没有得到最佳说唱奖的不满,这也尽尽是个开始,之后他又因强奸,入室行窃,恐呵,吸毒等多项罪名而被起诉.爱惹麻烦的Ol’ Dirty Bastard,在被判刑后,竟然越狱,还去参加Wu-Tang Clan新专辑The W的发布会,虽然他只参与了其中一首歌(因为坐牢).他最终还是被警察抓回了监狱.2001年Wu-Tang Clan又发行了Iron Flag,Ol’ Dirty Bastard仍旧无法参与.就在2004年,一个消息震惊了整个美国,Ol’ Dirty Bastard因心脏病去逝,这个充满争议的天才MC走完了他的一生.但Ol’ Dirty Bastard和Wu-Tang Clan永远值得被铭记.

01. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
02. Baby C’mon
03. Brooklyn Zoo
04. Hippa To Da Hoppa
05. Raw Hide
06. Damage
07. Don’t U Know
08. The Stomp
09. Goin’ Down
10. Drunk Game
11. Snakes
12. Brooklyn Zoo II
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  • 5月 20 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

武当派说唱伴奏WU-TANG CLAN – Enter The Wu Tang 36 chambers Instrumental


WU-TANG CLAN是一支成名比较长时间的HIP-HOP乐队组合。在黑人HIP-HOP界享有盛名。
  这支来自纽约长岛的hip-hop乐队的原始成员包括Genius aka GZA,RZA aka Prince Rakeem,Ol’ Dirty Bastard,Raekwon,Method Man,Ghostface Killah,Inspectah Deck aka Rebel INS和U-God。Wu-Tang Clan乐队的历史可以追溯到由Rakeem堂兄弟,the Genius和Ol’ Dirty Bastard组成。在Rakeem和the Genius组成Wu-Tang Clan之前就各自在Tommy Boy唱片公司和Cold Chillin’唱片公司出版了自己的唱片,如今这些唱片公司都辽无踪影。乐队的每个成员都以自己的功夫知识自豪,在他们的首张专辑里,划成两派,武当和少林,象征他们在说唱时的两个对立面。他们独立制作的单曲Protect Ya Neck在地下广为流传,这引起了主流唱片公司的注意。当他们作为一个乐队整体和Loud/ RCA唱片公司签约的时候,在合同上他们也注明了乐队成员可以在乐队之外作个人的发展。The Genius和Geffen公司,Method Man和Def Jam公司,Ol’ Dirty Bastard和Elektra公司都签有个人发展的合同,而Raekwon留在Loud/RCA作个人发展。RZA也与Prince Paul和Fruitkwan组成了Gravediggaz,同时兼顾Wu-Tang Clan和自己个人发展。Wu-Tang Clan的音乐素材里包含了学院化的韵律,这对于他们那种在音乐中分为对立两派,相互争论的风格很有用。音乐的背景节奏采样于功夫影片。这些富有攻击性的功夫文化色彩的音乐和以前的说唱很不一样,他们的首张专辑Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)在他们自己的录音室录制,36 Chambers暗指少林派功夫里常常提到的人体的36个要穴。RZA在作品中的所有的节奏和采样方式很快在地下hip-hop界时髦起来。专辑最后在美国达到了金唱片,但是1993年11月刚出版的时候只达到专辑榜41位。而单曲”C.R.E.A.M.”迟到的成功使得乐队成为炙手可热的说唱明星。而在1994年,乐队出了件糟糕的事儿,3月13日U-God的2岁儿子Dante Hawkins在户外玩耍的时候被街头枪战流弹击中,被打伤了双手和肾。


  Wu-Tang Clan现在的官方成员又增加了两位Masta Killa和Cappadonna,这个长长的名单上还包括一些合作者Shyheim, Killah Priest, Shabazz The Disciple, Killarmy以及the Sunz Of Man,他们也都出版了口碑不错的个人专辑。乐队在1997年重新集结,但是新专辑明显不如他们的处女专辑,甚至不如GZA的个人专辑Liquid Swords。不过专辑仍然是hip-hop历史上期待值最高的专辑,并且在6月登上了美国专辑榜的第一位。除此之外还有一些与Wu-Tang Clan相关的专辑,包括Killah Priest出色的个人专辑Heavy Mental,Cappadonna的畅销专辑The Pillage,这都使得Wu-Tang Clan及其旁支成为一个庞大的产业王国,现在他们又在出卖自己的服装和电视游戏。乐队的成员现在准备录制一张the W作为一次精彩的回归,制作人员还包括了一些从未合作过的客座音乐人。


1. Bring Da Ruckus
2. Shame on a nigga
3. Clan in da front
4. Wu Tang : 7th Chamber
5. Can it be so simple
6. Da mystery of chessboxin’
7. Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit
8. C.R.E.A.M.
9. Method Man
10. Protect ya neck
11. Tearz
12. Wu Tang : 7th Chamber – Part II
13. Method Man (Skunk mix)
14. Conclusion
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  • 5月 20 / 2014
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Hardcore 硬核

RZA – Instrumental Experience [2007]

Title : Instrumental Experience
Artist : RZA
Label : Think Differently
Genre : Hip-Hop
Quality : 44.1 @VBR 77,5
Grabbed from : CDDA
Size : 77,5 MB
Time : 74:31 min

01 The Samples (Intro)
02 Wu-Tang 7th Chamber Part 2
03 Black Mamba
04 Diesel
05 Ya’ll Been Warned
06 Knowledge God
07 Child’s Play
08 Chamber Music
09 Severe Punishment
10 7th Chamber
11 For Heaven’s Sake
12 Camay
13 Ice Cream
14 Triumph
15 State Of Grace
16 Run
17 Brutality (The Grindz)
18 Hollow Bones
19 Reunited
20 Domestic Violence
21 My G.O.D.
22 Duck Seazon

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