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Various Beatmakers – 16PADS

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Various Beatmakers – 16PADS


What do you think of when you hear «16 pads»? Do you think of your midi-controller? Drum-machine? Something else? Keyboard players will probably remember that 16 is two octaves. And this is right, because AKAI’s engineers didn’t pick the number 16 out of blue; and this is not just about the pitch, but in wide range of midi-commands that are multiples of this number. To be honest, I am pretty sure that pads are the one to revolutionize beatmaking; everything that was in MPC 60 was already existing before that. Similar sequencer, sampler — all of that existed, except those 16 Pads and beautiful features that come with them. More that 20 years passed, but even to this day AKAI and other competing companies use exactly this system, because it IS really flexible, convenient and just plain genius! Those pads became the face of beatmaking, quality standard to which all other manufactures live up to. As for beatmakers — it is something that you want to have and master. Even the word «fetish» would be to the point in here. I don’t like the word, but it is what it is. Everybody wants to have the brand new, powerful, expensive machines. For most of my friends this is something that I call «computer». A machine is something that I am giving soul to. This is my tool, my partner, my companion, my dear friend and source of inspiration. This is my 16 pads. And this is my MPC.

16Pads is an album which was created completely using hardware and consists of four banks of sixteens. 16 beatmakers, 16 countries, 16 beats and 16 ways to make a beat.

1.Sneadr – The Hotstepper 02:20
2.Etalon – It’ll Be You 03:38
3.Diza XL – Raw 04:57
4.Politiks – Chosen 03:23
5.Nizuk – Cergy, 1992 04:27
6.Pisar – Dark Side 03:04
7.Omegasix – Ruf Jazz 02:07
8.5th Sequence – Lovespeak 01:42
9.Natural Doc – The World Is A Ghetto 02:16
10.KASETA – Too Ill To Kill 02:34
11.KLIM Beats – Rooftop 01:50
12.Truskull Zerokappa – Waltz 4 Betty 03:24
13.RELIC – Help Centred 03:24
14.Sicknessmp – Whiskey Master 02:08
15.Principe Palanca – Knitting The Moon 02:31
16.Habitus – People Walks 02:20

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