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Wizard – Chill Pill Instrumentals

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Wizard – Chill Pill Instrumentals


Wizard is a busy dude, constantly dropping snippet tapes of fresh beats and blessing the net with free releases; he not long ago dropped yet another free project entitled “Chill Pill” which is an album length compilation of smoothed out head nodding insturmentals, perfect to kick back with and zone out to.

Some joints are brand new and some have been laced by artists, some are sneaky league joints haha!! ALL fire tho..so peep game!.

01. Call My Name
02. Got It On Lock
03. Rhodes
04. What Now
05. Your Name?
06. Cold City
07. Whole
08. No More
09. You Never Left
10. Good With Those
11. Zone-D
12. Sea Breeze (Do It)
13. I Remember
14. Isaac
15. Swerve That
16. Green
17. AndOne
18. Leave With Me
19. Without Love

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